About Us

We are a team of dedicated professionals who share a common love for dogs. We believe dogs are not just animals but a part of a family. A family member and a special being. They deserve every tad of happiness and that is what we create. A package of happiness with the highest quality for them. When you choose us, you can feel safe and great about selecting our handcrafted special Aussie cheese treat for your dog. Each chew is unique and handcrafted with extreme care, and is made with our very own local Australian Cow’s Milk. Our dairy product comes from a very safe and trusted livestock farm. We assure you of only the highest quality and reliable edible for your dog.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread happiness and create a unique experience for your dog with our handcrafted dog treat. We see ourselves as the provider of a wholesome nutritious natural dog chew for your dog. Being a 100% Aussie Product, our dog chews are made with the freshest local ingredients here. Our goal is to provide special Aussie cheese treat and spread happiness globally. An exceptional cheese treat for anyone seeking happiness!

Every time you decide to get Obedient Aussie Dog Chew, here is what you are deservingly getting:

  • A 100% natural and healthy dog chew with no preservatives.
  • Every chew that we create is handcrafted with extra care.
  • Top-quality and safety is always our top priority.
  • You are getting a treat that is as unique and exceptional as your dog.