Healthy Dog Treat in Australia

Our mission is to create a delightful and unique experience for every time your dog consumes our Cheese Treat.
Obedient Aussie Dog Chew is not an ordinary dog chew. All of our products are made with the freshest local ingredients in Australia and most importantly are handcrafted. We take immense pride in calling ourselves a 100% Aussie Product, which is Healthy, Organic, Dental Dog treat.

best dog treat in Australia

Best Selling Chew Stick

100% Premium Dog Chew hand-crafted in Australia.


Just like us humans, our dogs need a nutritious diet consumption to maintain an ideal health. Dogs need a fair amount of fats in their diet to regulate the body temperature and also maintain healthy fur. Seamlessly, Obedient Aussie Dog treat canine’s diet includes proteins and fats as below:



Titbits of the Obedient Aussie Dog Chew can be microwaved for approximately 45 seconds to form a delicious, nutritional crunchy puff. Australian Dog Cheese Treat.

Always ensure your dog has access to fresh drinking water.

Aussie Dog Chew should be fed as a treat or reward for your dog, not a meal substitute.

For storage, store it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Also, avoid contact with moisture to maintain the freshness and shelf life of the product.

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The Obedient Aussie Dog Chew is an eco friendly, 100% natural dogs chew. Our dog chews are handcrafted in Australia using the ancient authetic Himalayan Receipe from Mt. Everest region. They are 100% grain free and gluten free so your dog stays healthy and strong.
We have variety of Chew sizes for your dog that is suitable for any age group. Help your dog lead a healthy life by choosing our delicious and healthy treat. Let your dog chomp on the Finest Australian Cheese Treat; a super healthy, easily digestible extra durable treat for your companion. Reward your obedient dog with our tasty treat, an ideal long-lasting nutritional chewing material for your lovely dog.


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