Benefit of Healthy Chew Treat

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benefit of healthy dog chew- obedient aussie dog chew

­­­­­Dogs are natural chewers. There are various reasons as to why dogs chew. They start chewing as pups to cope with teething and later exploring the world as they begin to grow up. Puppies are known for their notorious chewing propensity. It also helps them release the extra energy in them and reduce stress and anxiety growing up. Even as adults, they still love to chew although the intensity is less than that of pups. While a few of them start chewing to garner attention due to stress or anxiety. So next time instead of shooing away your dogs if they start getting troublesome, give them a piece of Obedient Aussie Dog Chew and let them chew their heart out!

Many dogs are avid chewers, so finding a natural healthy chew for your dog to remain busy for a long period of time while loving it at the same time is very important. If you are just trying to get your dog a chew so he or she won’t disturb you, you can go ahead and get some random chew that may be harmful for your dog. But if you truly want a chew that also benefits your dog’s health, you can go and grab a package of Obedient Aussie Dog Chew. A healthy cheese treat for your dog. Here are a few benefits of choosing a health and natural chew treat:

Dental Care

It is only natural your dog desires to chew anything they can get their teeth on. Chewing is how they actually take care of their teeth. So they are constantly gnawing on anything to maintain their dental health. However, for a domesticated pet dog, they have greater need for dental care. While chewing has many dental benefits, chewing alone is not the solution. Offering them a natural and healthy chew can be a great complement to their current dental routine. You will understand this once you get a healthy chew treat for your dog. Natural chews have a flavour and durability which is naturally desired by your dog. 

Providing your dog different types of natural chews is a good idea for your buddy’s dental care. You can check our Food Guidelines to see how you can soften the chew for your dog. Giving them softer chews will reach in between the teeth and hard to reach places in their teeth. Whilst a harder chew will help in the removal of stuck-on bacteria build up. This way your dog gets an exciting experience in two different ways with the same chew. 


Idle jaws can be a devil’s workshop. Dogs can get aggressive, destroy furniture and learn poor eating habits if they get under-stimulated. So natural healthy chews are a perfect fill-in to keep your buddy occupied, happy and safe. And while you are looking for a natural and healthy chew, remember to purchase one with a long-lasting durability. You don’t want your dog to be done as soon as you have just handed him the chew. 

Even though they may not spend all of their spare time on a chew, they will remain quite focused and busy for a good period of time. One thing to keep in mind though is that chews are not a replacement for one-on-one attention and regular exercises. 


Mostly, dogs develop anxiety when they notice your departure signs. It could be packing a bag, looking for keys or putting on your shoes. They tend to associate these signs to being left alone. So giving them a natural chew can be a great step to making them feel more comfortable when they are alone. Natural dog chews can also distract your dog from anxiety around strangers, thunderstorms or other triggering factors you still haven’t figured out yet. It is a great initiative of preventing destructive behaviour associated with anxiety, especially in their alone time. 


Natural dog chews usually contain quality ingredients. Many of these chews offer vital nutrients like protein, fat and minerals. Good natural chews are often high in protein and low in fat so they help in building and maintaining muscle. You can have a peek at the packaging to get the exact composition of the treat. No chew can replace a proper diet, but it can supplement the diet with additional nutrients for your dog. Good quality natural treats can effectively support your dog’s health and needs.

Improved Immunity

Just like humans, dogs are also at a risk of falling ill if their immune system runs down.   Proteins are essential in supporting immunity, hence making natural dogs treats a natural selection to help boost your dog’s immune system. Always peep at the ingredients of any dog chew packet to check the sorts of proteins used in the treat. Natural dog chews usually contain high quality proteins. 

Natural dog chews also help maintain a balance between the physical and mental health of your dog. Chewing helps in the mental stimulation of a dog, keeping both the body and mind occupied.

If you are a conscious dog owner, you definitely have frequent conversations with your family and colleagues regarding the importance of natural and healthy dog treats. Natural dog treats must be rich in ingredients derived from natural sources and free from artificial additives, chemicals and preservatives. There are lots of dog chews in the market that come in various shapes and sizes. It is important you select a treat with a safe processing standard for your dog so he can enjoy the treat with no adverse after-effects. It can be difficult to choose from all of them, so we have narrowed down that decision for you.

Obedient Dog Chew is a 100% natural and healthy dog chew. It has no preservatives and is grain free and gluten free. When you choose us, you are getting a healthy chew that is easily digestible and an extra durable cheese treat for your buddy. We don’t compromise when it comes to the quality of the food for your dog. In order to purchase you can simply visit obedient aussie dog chew online store and place an order for your dog – A lolly for your doggy. Since you are getting a chew, why don’t you make the right choice for your dog!