Obedient Aussie Dog Chew – Solution for your dog shoe chewing

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Here’s a common issue that we all dog owners face. Dogs chewing our shoes! How to stop a dog from gnawing on our shoes is an honest question we all need an answer for. It is really cute when pups are chewing on them in the beginning. But when the shoes start getting damaged beyond repair, it starts getting annoying. Most dog owners definitely have had this experience at least once. You definitely have a pair of shoes or two at least that has been impaired. 

Idle teeth make shoes a dog’s perfect workshop. It is a fact that chewing keeps a dog’s mind busy. Every animal just like us humans need entertainment when things start getting dull. And shoes make an attractive chew toy for them. It gives them a calming stimulation and helps them remain preoccupied. It also helps ease boredom. 

You returning home from a long day’s work is most probably the perk of your dog’s day. But if you just feed him/her and then slouch on your couch and start watching TV or your favorite show ignoring your dog, that is going to make the dog feel unwanted and isolated. So they could also just be seeking for your attention. Seeking owner’s attention triggers a chewing habit. Or they may already have figured out your reaction to them chewing on your shoes. The last time you saw your dog chewing your shoes, you must have hurriedly ran towards him. And if you start chasing him, what more can the dog ask for! A play time for him is how he sees it.

We have to understand that a dog’s mouth functions similarly to our hands. Dogs tend to explore and examine their surroundings using their mouths as their tool. Dogs chew for different reasons:

  • A pup chews mostly because of teething
  • If your dog happens to be anxious or uncomfortable with his/her surroundings
  • Boredom can be another factor
  • Feeling alone or left out by the owner

For some dogs, chewing becomes a very destructive problem. It is very important you choose a proper chew for your dog. We recommend you get a good quality healthy chew like Obedient Aussie Dog Chew to replace the shoes with an organic edible. Obedient Dog Chew is a long-lasting and 100% natural chew for your dog. Our cheese treat is a perfect substitute for your dog’s chewing problem, a beneficial chew with healthy ingredients that also helps with tooth tartar buildup, and bad breath. We encourage happy and healthy chewing!