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Obedient Aussie Dog Chew
For centuries, Himalayan farmers have been making Chhurpi Durkha, a traditional nutritious cheese created with milk, lime, and salt. Milk from local yaks and cows was mixed with tangy lime and pure salt to form a tough and delicious cheese.
This recipe has been passed down for generations, and chhurpi is still made with the same authentic ingredients today.
This hard cheese is packed full of minerals and vitamins and has become a canine favorite for its healthy properties, long-lasting chew, and great taste.
At Obedient Aussie, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with nutritious dog treats made right here in Australia. We make our chews with zero grains, gluten, or preservatives, using the traditional Himalayan chhurpi recipe.
Obedient Aussie Dog chews are the perfect treat for your pet, with a long-lasting tangy flavor that dogs love.
We value your dog’s health above all else. That’s why our treats have high protein and fat content to keep your canine fit and happy. We use science and nutrition as a basis for our recipe because your pet’s happiness comes first. Our chews are made with only responsibly sourced and local vegetarian ingredients, including the key ingredient, Australian cow milk.
The texture and hardness of the chew help maintain your pup’s dental hygiene, keeping their teeth and gums healthy and clean.
The best part is that Obedient Aussie dog chews are great for all ages, whether you have a teething puppy in need of a hard toy or an older dog wanting a savory snack.
With 100% natural ingredients and an undeniably authentic taste, your dog will be healthy AND happy with Obedient Aussie dog chews.
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Obedient Aussie dog chews are a great choice for any dog. Visit our website at https://obedientpet.com.au/ to treat your pet to an authentic and healthy chew.